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Endeavor into the best free casino games in sweepstakes and social casinos with this comprehensive guide.

Sweepstake games have been pretty famous since 1953, ever since the famed Publishers Clearing House launched their legendary advertising on magazine subscriptions “Win $10 Million”! And not just that, even the beloved McDonald’s Monopoly game works the same way – win prizes when you buy food from McDonald’s. And now, this interesting sweepstakes setup has been adopted by the best casinos online worldwide. 

Sweepstakes casino online games have become incredibly famous in the last couple of years. And the great part is these games are legal in most countries, thanks to their simple models. Individuals of every age group started playing online sweepstakes casino games since the pandemic took over to pass time and win some easy prizes. 

These online American casino games are a little different from regular casino games. There are slightly distinct rules, different modes of coins, and much more. Wish to know all of these before you start playing? Then you arrived at the right place! This article will walk you through the different aspects – what they mean, how to play them, types, tips for online casinos, and so much more. It will help you get a comprehensive idea about the game before you start playing. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Best Free Casino Games in Sweepstakes and Social Casinos: What Are They

Sweepstakes are popular online games with the same principles as real-world casinos, with certain tweaks here and there. With sweepstakes social casinos, you sign in to an account and gain some of the free sweepstakes coins as a referral or welcome bonus. You can start playing games with that coins to win more of them as prizes.

Are Online Social Casino Games Legal

Yes, thanks to their simple gaming model, the best online casino games have been made legal in almost every state in the USA and Canada. These do not fall under the “gambling” category despite using capital. Since no programmed rewards or player skills are considered, they are not even categorized as games of skill or luck.

Here, participants will play for predetermined prizes, and there will be no guarantee that they will receive the rewards. Hence, online casinos with free play are considered as games of bingo or lottery. Thus, most states have decided that online sweepstakes casino games are harmless and have deemed them legal. However, they are still considered illegal in Washington and Washington D.C. 

Also, online casino games free play use some specific ways to circumvent state laws –

  • They exchange valuable currency for play coins that are in turn used to play social casino games online.
  • Players cannot use their capital to win funds in the games directly.
  • Gaming websites and apps will give the players free coins via mail-in content and no-deposit bonuses. 

Online Casinos Games: Is There an Age Limit

Yes, there is. If you are above the age of 18, only then will you be allowed to play online casino games

The different states of the USA take the age limit very seriously. So we advise you only to play if you are 18 and above. Or else, you might face charges. 

Advantages of Online Casino Games That You Can Play for Free

As we know, social casino games online for free have become popular in the last couple of years. So what drives this popularity? Let’s check out the advantages of playing these games-

No Deposit Bonus

One of the biggest advantages to play social casino games online for free is that they offer a special no-deposit bonus during sign-up. In addition, they might give you some special discounts or even give you several coins after your registration is complete. Of course, the whole point is that you will be using these coins and tempted to buy them again. But at least, you get to start with free coins. Some games will also offer special referral bonuses. For example, if a friend uses your unique referral code to sign up for the best casino to play online, then both you and your friend will receive some free coins!

Legal in Most States

The two places where casino games online for fun are still illegal are Washington D.C. and Washington. Apart from that, these games are legal in every other state. Thus, you wouldn’t need to be afraid of breaking any laws by playing such games.

Less Risk

One of the best things about the best casino game to play online is that you do not need to pay before you start playing. Also, you could get a special no-deposit bonus once you have completed your registration. Yes, you will need to buy coins for certain games, but these coins, too, can be used carefully. Thus, due to the less risk factor involved, individuals of every age group (above 18) can take a shot at the best online casino games to win!


Last but not least, online casino free play is entertaining. They offer several table games and slots, and their fantastic graphics keep their users hooked. Some games even allow you to change your backgrounds if you want! 

How Do the Best Casino Games to Play Online Work

Sweepstake casino games involve currency exchange, but they work on a more user-friendly casino platform. Make sure, making deposits is not mandatory as you can use free sweepstake coins that you receive via special promotions on the gaming app or website to start playing. 

There can be two types of currency used in the best online casino games – either gold coins or sweep coins. One can be redeemed while the other is used just for playing the online game. Gold coins cannot be exchanged, but players can buy these coins if they feel like buying any products inside the game.

Before beginning your game in an online casino in USA, you need to understand the two currencies involved here. So let’s learn about them. 

Types of Coins in Online Casino Games

If you wonder why there are just two types of currencies in casino online games and what these coins can be used for, we have all the information for you. Let’s go into detail about the two coins and how they work in the games:

Gold Coins

One of the forms of currency on the online casino website is gold coins. These coins are often given to players for free after registering themselves with the gaming website or app. However, these gold coins cannot be converted to any other form.

You have to buy them, but you cannot trade them for sweep coins or any other means later on at the best social casino online, and they will have no monetary value in the actual world. Thus, you can understand that these are used only for playing in the online casino with the best odds

So if these cannot be used outside the virtual world, why would I want to buy them? Well, it’s simple – these gold coins are much cheaper than their alternative. They also have more screen time than the others and fulfill the basic playing needs of users at the best online casinos.

Sweep Coins

In short, sweep coins refer to gaming casino currency in good online casinos. They are mandatory coins that players need to get started with their online sweepstake games. These coins can be redeemed at any time. 

Several websites and apps will offer these sweep coins to their users after registering or signing up to play casino games. However, these coins cannot be obtained if you do not purchase a coin package along with it. If you see that any website is offering coins for no cost at all, then there is a high chance that the said website is illegal. Best to stay clear of them! 

You can also get sweep coins in casino-style games if you participate in various contests conducted by the gaming app or website on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. More often than not, winners will be picked randomly in these contests. After you have got enough coins to play with, you can now use them in different table games and slot machines. Once you are satisfied with your winning amount, you can redeem them all at once. 

Where to Get Sweep and Gold Coins for Online Casino Games, USA

While playing online sweepstake casino games, you can obtain sweep and gold coins in various ways. Firstly, you need to find out no download online casino games and then sign up to obtain coins. However, keep in mind that creating multiple accounts and gathering multiple coins is not tolerated. Instead, you should operate only one account and gather all coins from the same. 

The next method is by using referral bonuses. Under this method, if your friend uses your unique referral code to sign up for the best online casino games free, both you and your friend will get some gold or sweep coins. 

Another way to obtain gold and sweep coins is by buying them. Some apps and websites also tempt users to play every day by offering attractive rewards. For example, you will be given a few coins if you open the app and play once every day. Or you will gain several coins at the end of the week after playing every day. 

How to Pay on an Online Casino Game Website

Most sweepstake online games websites will offer safe and easy payment gateways to help you pay and avail of your coins. Some easy payment methods will always be available no matter which game you are playing. Here are some of those methods to purchase coins on sweepstake games:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Bank Transfer

You can always employ other payment methods if the website or app allows it. For example, some best casino games online sites will often accept UPI payments and e-wallets. Nonetheless, it is always preferable to use traditional banking methods as these are reliable and easy. Also, they offer complete transparency and will help the businesses to adhere to set norms.  

How to Redeem Sweepstakes Coins

As we discussed above, one of the best aspects of online casino play for fun is that you can claim prizes in exchange for any rewards you have received on the website. However, there is an elaborate method for claiming the prize. 

For example, most websites have regulations that require you to produce certain documents to receive prizes. They might ask you to present identification confirmation and ask for your national ids like driving license or passport. 

You may also be required to show proof of address or residencies like a leasing agreement form, any accepted form of notarized contract, a checking account detail, or even a utility bill. You will be asked to scan and upload these documents. And once these verifications are done, you will be allowed to redeem your coins and tokens from free social casino games.

Common Games to Play for Fun

There can be different types of sweepstakes gaming titles at the best online casinos in USA. Have a look:

  • Table Games
  • Slots
  • Progressive Games
  • Video poker

As you can see, these are the best game to play at online casinos that we have already heard about. The twist is that gaming websites and apps will include new and modern tweaks and benefits to entertain the players. 

Now under these different subheadings come different games. For example, the most popular game is free slots that help players obtain an impartial payout. Other best online casino games to win include:

Hope Diamond
Lucky Clover
Classic Slots
Wild Cowboys
Pyramids of Giza
Viking Warrior 
Pocket Ace
Jackpot Online Casino
Farm Treasure
Candy Dandy
Chariots of Gold
Home of Brave 

Now that you know everything about online sweepstake games, you would wish to play these games. But we wouldn’t want you to start playing the games without getting some handy tips! So here are some important pointers you can keep in mind and use to win at casinos online. So let’s get started. 

Some Tricks to Help You Win

Now you can win at an online casino and get substantial rewards from these sweepstakes games if you keep a clear head and follow certain guidelines. Here are some pointers to help you increase your winning odds in the online casino sweepstake games –

Have Patience

The first cardinal rule for the best online casino games to play is to be incredibly patient while playing. It is pretty normal to lose during your initial days or even months. So, keep yourself calm and patiently keep playing with a small amount each day. Not only will it help you to improve your skills, but it will also help you find out where you keep losing. 

Play with Reliable and Verified Websites

It is crucial that you find a reliable and verified website to play the most popular online casino games. So take your time and put in your efforts to research and find out the best, most popular, and most reliable websites in the market. Check their competence, site reliability, casino games review, payment methods, and others. It will ensure that you do not lose your budget on illegal websites. 

Carefully Read the Rules

Now, you must know the rules and regulations of the most played online casino games by heart. It will help you understand the game better and ensure that you do not commit any mistakes while filling out applications. What’s more, it can also increase your chances of winning. 

Enter Regularly

If you take your online casino’s best games seriously, we always suggest devoting some time to them. No, not the whole day, but maybe an hour or so every day. It will help you understand the games better, develop new strategies, and build your perseverance. In turn, all these will increase your chances of winning.

Always Take Advantage of Free Coins

Almost every online casino games that pay, have new and interesting incentives to keep their players entertained and to gain new ones. So make sure you take advantage of as many promotions as possible. It will help you gain a lot of free coins within a short period. Here are some of the common ways different sweepstake websites will help you gain coins-

  • Loyalty Bonus – Loyalty bonuses are awarded to those who play for a specified period. These bonuses are very tempting and keep the players engaged in the best free play online casino for a long time. 
  • Daily Bonus – Websites offer daily bonuses to encourage players to log in daily and play casino games. These rewards do not have to be in the form of coins. It can be an extra chance in a game or an extra spin on their slot machines. 
  • Referral Bonus – When a new player enters the free social online casino using another’s unique referral code, both the new and the old player will be rewarded some bonus – a few gold or sweep coins.
  • Deposit Bonus – If a player exchanges or deposits some specific amount for playing, some websites will offer a special deposit bonus on them – a few additional coin awards. 
  • Welcome Bonus – Some websites offer bonuses in the form of free coins to motivate users to start the best online casino game to play for the first time. 
  • Sign-up Bonus – If you do casino online login at a trustworthy website, they will offer a simple sign-up bonus when you first register on the app or website.
  • Social Media Contests – As we mentioned earlier, several online casinos will allow you to win free coins via special contests. These take place on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Since these bonuses can provide a substantial amount of coins, always keep looking for them. Also, while choosing a website to play from, choose the one with a maximum number of bonuses and contests. It will help you win a lot of free coins for playing the best online casino games to win.

Do Not Get Hung Up On Losses

It is normal to lose a few bucks when you first start playing games at online casinos in USA. It is because not only you are inexperienced during the initial days, but other more experienced players know the game better and will use their skills to win the slot. 

Under such circumstances, several individuals keep investing and playing, trying to earn back their losses. But that can be very dangerous. So it is always better to step back and analyze before you start again. Understanding a few tricks can help you better comprehend the game rules and even help you improve your skills for the online casino with free play.

Learn New Strategies

All online casino games are games of luck – there is no guarantee of win or loss. However, if you play strategically, it can immensely increase your chances of winning. So, before you end up investing a lot in the sweepstakes games, try to learn as many new strategies as possible. It will open up several new avenues for winning!

Quit When You Win

Lastly, we always suggest getting out early after winning the best game to play at online casinos. We know it is very tempting to keep playing and win, but this could be the time when you might end up losing big too. Thus, always stick to your budget no matter how good your winning streak is. It will allow you to keep your earnings and not lose them. 


The best online casino games are not that difficult to play. All you have to do is know the rules and regulations of different games and apply them properly. They are much easier to play than regular online casino games and will give you better returns. And the best part? You get free coins and then the games are legal in almost every state, and you can also convert your winning amount! So head over to the Fortune Coin Social Casino’s official website to sign up and start playing today. Here, you’ll find more than fifty games to keep you entertained.